Welcome Everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Fur Valleys on OSGrid. We're a multi-culture estate based in OpenSimulator and welcome you with open arms. The estate itself goes back to 2006 in Second Life when Redfox Costello brought Fox Valley online and Kitylin Perth brought her regions online, and officially ended in SL in 2017 with the death of Foxkin Impfondo. Fur Valleys OSGrid is here to continue what these founders started: to provide a safe communal place everyone can come to no matter if their human, fur, neko, fairy, brony, etc... all land is free and ranges in size from 1024m2 to 65536m2. If you see the Bamaisin twins walking around, don't hesitate to say hello or ask about something, they don't bite. The site is here as a placeholder for visitors to come see what we're about.

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