Wish List

This is a fluid list of items or things we'd like to see or try to see to make our Opensim experience different or fuller, etc..

1.Fix the memory leak in Warp3D and remove as much fluff as possible
2.Eliminate OSSL Threat Levels
3.Add seamless region crossing
4.Bring a server online and set up IceCast for djs/radio stations that reside in the valleys
5.Start a campaign to try and entice Furs, Nekos, and others to move and stay in the valleys
6.See if it's possible to modify Warp3D for HD map rendering
7.Create an in-world terminal for account creation/management/partnering, etc...
8.Set up a in-world donation box for those that want to help but don't want to rent
9.Integrate a panel for OAR/IAR creation/upload/download/removal
10.See if it's possible to mod terrain so it can be punched through to allow tunnels and stuff more fluidly
11.Set up tools for mesh/sculpt/etc.. creation
12.Look into the validity of online virtual conventions vs live real life conventions
13.Create commands to pull stats for CPU, RAM, HDD, net usage
14.Create commands to make a bot act as a controlable camera
15.Integrate Discord in-world to eliminate groups and voice/video services
16.Look into the validity of having the valleys be a haven for those in need of help
17.Create a browser specific viewer for those that don't like to install software
18.Create a free mobil viewer for those that don't have the best computers
19.Look into the validity of creating a UBI system of sorts for members

Can't think of anymore but i'm sure there will be.


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