Evening everyone, lots of things happening in the last 24 so here's the rundown: FurValleysOS.TK became FurValleysOS.Com after a domain was unamously donated to us for the year, and the grid info is now grid.furvalleysos.com:1024 instead of the ip address. Little issue with https certificates but for whatever reason HTTPS shows this isn't a safe site when it is. We've also added a better cart system that allows you to Subscribe for $10/mo instead of handling single payments that allow you to use a CC or Paypal, plus an option to use Amazon pay. I might try to see about using Virwox for payments also for those that enjoy using alternative currency. None of these interact directly with the grid so it stays free. Been having trouble linking the Diva Wifi pages to blogger correctly and it will eventualy get there, but for now we're linking all that stuff to the Diva Wifi pages. I've also had thoughts of deep-sixing the website and set up a terminal visitors can go to for account creation, managing, etc.. this way all someone has to do is HG into the grid first, then set up their account. Only problem is I know nothing about creating such a device :D Also for whatever reason map tiles in-world stopped showing, but the regions are saving the tiles so I dunno. It's probably something to do with MySQL and whatever was set up when I had Joomla going. In the meantime I'm working on a surface build that's more friendly/softer for visitors and will move the space station to Kitsune Sea for my own personal use. After this post goes out I'll be working on a wish list for the grid that will include everything we'd like to get or see out of our OpenSim experience. Thanks everyone, Logan

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