How'd we end up here...

Evening everyone, back to using Blogger for the website and dispite what the doman says, the site itself is very secure with https. So, here's what happened. To make a quick fix I at first set it so that anyone that registered would require manual account creation. This was slow and cumbersome so I moved everything to Joomla using the JOpenSim plugin which worked good at first but then started having issues with confusion and accounts not always being created, and now since region pay requres HTTPS, everything's back on blogspot until Google decides what their doing with it. That being said, the registration form for account creation now does it's thing automatically using the Diva Distro forms and will soon add a capcha to help deter would-be bots or spammers. The form also allows same email address to be used on alt accounts and the creation of custom first and last name. If it doesn't check for it, at some point it will be set to check wither that avatar name;s been taken or not. Website portal creation is the only thing at the moment that's manual as the pages are custom done per user. To be honest I've always enjoyed the theme I chose for the site. It feels homey but professional. In the coming weeks I'll be adding a destination guide, stats area, grid map similar to the one JOG uses and other stuff. At some point I'll probably try to make a bot or something that auto posts events in this area here. Also the dot tk is a redirect but always use that url to get here. I don't forsee a need to change it to a dot com, net, or org, so it's staying how it is. 2019's proved interesting for the valleys so far for the greater good, let's see how long it lasts, shall we? ^_^


  1. Hey, Logan... trying to get home, but can't get registered. Tried this on three different browsers and no go. Is there something I'm missing?